SEMrush Overview  

 SEMrush is a SEO tool which provides E-commerce and Enterprise marketing solutions in one place. It helps digital marketers with keyword research, competitor analysis and Google Ad campaign optimization. SEMrush gives unlimited access to analytical data, custom reports and team-based projects. 


What’s in it for E-Commerce? 

SEMrush makes the process easier for your E-Commerce business. You will get to audit your website, get more conversions and manage your brand reputation. It is an all-in-one solution for you to make the most of your E-Commerce business. You will get competitors’ research, social media management, SEO, and create ads.

Optimizes your online store. SEMrush allows you to correct meta information and make your site’s content unique. You will be able to discover what keywords your competitors are using and you can rank along with them. 

Less money, more conversions. You will be gaining more conversions with creating ad on the interface, cross-matching negative keywords, and optimizing your CPC. We have the proven techniques to optimize your CPC. 

Social media management. In social media, that is where most of the interactions happen to gain more customers. All comments and conversations should be taken care of on time. With SEMrush, you can monitor and respond to your customers’ real-time. Also, you can track the topics that are mentioned on your social media accounts and will help you in coming up with topics to post. 

 What’s in it for the Digital Marketers? 

SEO, paid traffic, social media, content and PR, and market research are all there is for digital marketers. It is a complete package to have them all in one place. Those marketing tools make online marketing easier. 

Search Engine Optimization. It helps digital marketers with the workflow. Starting on the technical and backlinks auditing, to semantic core collection, position tracking, gaining more organic traffic, and competitive intelligence. 

Paid Traffic. SEMrush drastically improves your PPC through competition and Google Shopping campaign analysis, keywords and creatives research, keyword management, negatives optimization, and benchmarks of PPC costs. 

Social Media Strategy. It helps you in building an effective social media strategy. You can monitor what’s going on in your social media platforms. You can see how the engagements of your audience change, learn and compare your competitors’ social strategies, determine which posts on social media perform best, manage up to 5 social networks, and access to social automation features. 

Content and PR. You can effectively create content for best marketing results. SEMrush helps in discovering topics and headlines suitable for your audience engagement, and you can get a tailored template. Moreover, it guides you in creating content that gives excellent marketing results. All of which helps in writing an excellent copy for your site. 

 Why Choose SEMrush Over Competitors? 

SEMrush is a complete package for online marketing. It addresses every aspect of your business, making digital marketers and E-Commerce businesses go beyond and above their competitors. 

Analytics Reports is SEMrush’s backbone while you have got all the tools that you need for SEO marketing. Aside from the list of features that it originally has, it continues to add more features constantly. Among the recent features it added are U.S. database with more than 200 million organic keywords, a tool which discovers mobile traffic sources, enables the tracking brand mentions on Instagram, Amazon’s A/B testing, and a tool in boosting social media posts. Moreover, if you opt for only certain features that it has, you have custom plans option. Although, we would always suggest to avail of the full package. It will do you more than what you are paying. Thus, less money and more conversions. Your ROI will increase in no time.