As a marketing manager, you take charge of working on the SEO. It requires an ample time to do the research and reporting. You have to do them efficiently.  

 The biggest question that you have to deal with is – how do you get to do the competitive research, keyword research, link building, rank tracking, on page and tech SEO to get more work done faster? 

Hiring an SEO team is the first thing that comes in mind. There are two options to do so. You can either hire an SEO agency or an in-house specialist. Let’s walk you though the pros and cons of the two to give you an overview of how things should come out when you make your decision.

Let’s start with hiring an SEO agency. 

An SEO agency has worked with various clients. They have the full knowledge on how to improve your SEO campaign. The agency’s familiarity with the SEO strategy helps in giving your business an opportunity for growth. Also, they are often cheaper than that of hiring an in-house specialist. The thing is when the campaign isn’t working well, you can easily fire the agency because you are paying them for the services that they do. 

The cons of hiring an SEO agency are it’s limited to working on the SEO side of the business only while there is an entire digital ecosystem and you won’t have the agency’s full attention, considering the number of clients they have to attend to. You don’t come and sit together to do the planning. Most communications are done through emails or phone calls. 

Now, let’s discuss the In-House Specialist.

An in-house specialist is someone who will have a full attention in working on your website. That is a big difference as opposed to hiring an SEO agency. An in-house specialist will have the undivided attention to make sure that the SEO strategy of your company will get the best result. A specialist will be invested fully in your company’s products and needs to meet the company’s vision. 

Also, you can have someone to talk to physically and discuss more about your company’s goals and plans. You can explore more ideas during the meeting. Then, brainstorm on what are the things to prioritize for the company.

The cons of hiring an in-house specialist are you’ll have to pay more and there’s no guarantee that you will get the results that you are looking for. Having an in-house specialist lets you pay as if you are paying for the whole agency. Imagine how much that would have cost the company. Plus, there will be more additions to the basic services that an in-house specialist offers. 

 Hiring either an SEO Agency or an In-House Specialist are two BETTER options. 

 Did you know that YOU have the BEST option? You and your TEAM can do it!  

SEMrush’s SEO toolkit can help you with it. It is a tool that you can easily navigate without hiring another team or person for your company’s competitive research, keyword research, link building, rank tracking, on page and tech SEO.