We help make data-driven decisions that guarantee success


Are you using data to inform your decision making? So many businesses today spend all of their marketing budget on creative ads across every different channel possible and simply hope for the best. Majority of the time, if there isn’t any science behind how you spend your marketing budget, you’re going to fail.

It is imperative in today’s digital age that you have some sort of data and analytics capability as your source of truth to determine where the biggest opportunities are. 

By partnering with Consci Digital, you can be sure that our leading data and analytics services will provide you with a robust methodology that will improve both acquisition and conversion for your business.


Reliable data analysis


Knowing where to start with your data analytics can be challenging. You might be thinking, is it my ads that aren’t attracting new customers? Or is it my website that just isn’t effective at converting? It is always best to start with yourself before you reach out to others, as you will be wasting your money in attracting new customers if your website isn’t up to scratch.

At Consci Digital, our team of digital experts provide detailed and comprehensive data analysis that assesses every key aspect of your website. We assess your complete site architecture, its content and usability. In addition, we look at the complete user journey for your business, from research all the way to enquiry or purchase. 

There are many aspects as to why your website might not be performing, so it’s best not to turn a blind eye to all of the alternatives.


Precise reporting


Having access to regular and accurate reporting is key to understanding how you can improve your online performance. If you aren’t consistently tracking and measuring how your website and online marketing is performing, then you’re not going to discover the insight and learnings needed that translate into success.

In addition to having regular reporting, it is imperative that your reporting is structured to include the right metrics. Reporting is a waste of time if you aren’t measuring the right things, so it is very important to understand what outcomes you are trying to track.

Our team can help you in establishing a streamlined reporting process that includes an analysis on the appropriate metrics that are perfect for your business.


Data driven marketing


Behind every killer marketing campaign, is an even better strategy. What separates an average and great marketing strategy is the data and insights that have been used to form it.

Anyone can create a strategy, but an effective strategy that will guarantee you results is data driven. For example, you might think your furniture business will dominate your competition because of its low price. But your data is telling you that your ads which promoted its quality materials performed far better than the ads that promoted cheapest prices. Therefore, it is a no brainer that your attention should turn to quality rather than price. 

Our digital experts at Consci Digital can help you to uncover those golden nugget insights that will enable your sales and revenue to skyrocket. Not only will our data analytics services help you to uncover those insights, but we will provide you with a clear strategy to successfully promote your business through data driven marketing.

If you’re struggling to acquire new customers and convert them down your sales funnel, then there is definitely a high chance that you haven’t factored in what the data is telling you, or you haven’t acted on it properly.

Our team at Consci Digital, live and breathe data analytics. We love to find trends within data and discover valuable insights that lead to success.

Let us help you assess and manage your data analytics to find the insight needed to achieve your business objectives.