There are different software systems to manage every aspect in managing the business. There are specific software for sales, marketing and support teams. Each software functions differently to manage emails, social CRM, mobile CRM, lead management, account management, website integration, workflow management and sales tracking. 

Having different software to use comes with difficulties. Among them are difficulties when it comes to understanding customer behavior, team collaboration, real-time monitoring and tracking of analytic, and accessing customer data. 

 How do we keep things running smoothly and easily accessible? 

Sales, marketing and support are the vital teams that will determine the success of each business. That is why as much as possible, each team should function effectively and productively. Zoho CRM comes in along the way to overcome the hurdles that each team is experiencing. 

Zoho CRM comes with a number of advantages. 

  • It keeps a comprehensive view of customer data. You will see the activities which took place for each of your customers, making it easier for your sales team to distinguish which among the customers is the prospect leads. 
  • Improving operational efficiency while reducing its costs. You do not have to purchase different systems for each aspect of your business. You already have it all on Zoho CRM, making it easier to access everything in one place at a time and improves operational efficiency so to say. It costs you more money to purchase different software. 
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction. Having set up your business with Zoho CRM, it helps you in getting customer satisfaction which leads to close more deals. It attracts more customers through referrals of the satisfied customers that you have. 
  • Accelerating your business growth. Your business growth relies on how the customers are taken care of and how your team members can function well. Zoho CRM makes that possible. It helps in increasing sales performance, conversion and ROI. 

 What are Zoho CRM’s features? 

Automation and Leads Management

It helps gather lead generation and qualifying them. Automation analyzes pipeline, which ones are the probable good leads that will help you determine which ones to contact through emails or calls. Zoho CRM’s leads management automates the process to easily track them through website, trade shows, seminars and emails. 

Easy Account Management

Manage your business account in a single database. You can access customer data, accounts and subsidiaries, purchase history, and price quotes immediately when you need them for recording or analysis for the leads. You can even incorporate your loyalty programs in there to make your loyal customers happy. 

Website Integration

Set up forms on your website without coding and get to identify the leads directly on the Zoho CRM. It simplifies lead distribution and makes it easier for the sales team on which prospects to contact. 

Social Media

You do not have to log in from time to time to your social media accounts. You have them all in the Zoho CRM. You can do the commenting and liking in there. It is very convenient for you to do things in one tap. 


Most of the time, we use our mobile phones to gain access to almost everything that we do. With Zoho’s Mobile CRM, you have a real-time access to your customer data, you’ll be able to receive sales alert, search customers and even create tasks. Moreover, you can create and save business cards on your iPhone.

Projects Collaboration

Project collaboration is significant to gain more sales. Under this feature are the document library where you can access sales collateral and respective deals. Moreover, in here are calendar, feeds, project management, tagging, chats and events integration. To keep the a healthy competition within the team, there’s also what we call the Gamescope. It is an awarding system for each sales task. 

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